Guardian Homes

Mountain View Labradoodles is always looking for Guardian Homes for our Australian Labradoodles.  A Guardian Home is where our canine companions have been specially placed to have the daily love and nurturing that they deserve and still be a part of our breeding program. They remain our dogs and we make all major decisions for them, but they are part of your family. At the end of their breeding career they become solely yours.

How It Works

The puppy/dog lives with you and becomes a member of your family, while we retain breeding rights.  Once the dog is finished with their breeding career, they will be spayed/neutered and all rights will then be transferred to you.

As a Guardian Family, you would be responsible for normal pet care, such as: feeding, grooming, normal vet visits, flea/tick prevention, monthly heart-worm, training and toys. We will be responsible for any breeding related expenses such as: breeding fees, ultrasounds, microchips and hip/elbow, eye testing, or anything else associated with breeding.

Generally a female dog cycles every 6 – 8 months.  After they are a one and a half years old we may begin breeding them. Prior to breeding, we do a variety of different tests on them to ensure they are the best dogs for breeding. Once we decide to use them for breeding, we will ask that you contact us at the start of her next heat.  We will determine the most optimum breeding days and coordinate to have her here for breeding.  She then returns to you and you can enjoy watching as her body changes over the next 7 weeks.  One week before her due date, she will return to our home and deliver her puppies and remain with them for about 6 weeks. We breed our females once per year after they have been tested and we breed them 2 to 4 times total depending on our specific breeding plan for each dog. We reserve the right to make the decision on the longevity of each breeding dog.

For our studs, the commitment may be higher as we can use our studs more frequently. Generally we ask that our studs live in Central Oregon to make this process smoother for everyone involved.  Our studs go through similar testing as outlined above and we may begin using them around one and a half years old. Once our optimum breeding days have been determined we will ask the stud to be delivered for a short window of time and then picked back up to allow rest for the stud between breedings. Breeding appointments usually last two hours and are scheduled every other day during the needed breeding time. We do not allow Guardians to be involved or watch the breeding process out of safety for our other dogs, puppies, and the breeding dogs themselves. We use our stud boys for an average of 3 to 4 years, but we reserve the right to make the decision on the longevity of each breeding dog.

Benefits of Guardian Families

1.)   You will be receiving the best Australian Labradoodle available! In order to be part of our breeding program, our dogs go through extensive health testing to be accepted.

2.)   You can watch as the dogs grow and change during pregnancy.

3.)   Knowing that your canine companion is blessing people all over the country (and in some cases world) with producing the best possible puppies for their families.

4.)   We do not charge our guardian families, so you are receiving an Australian Labradoodle for no cost to you except for the normal upkeep of the dog.


The following items are requirements for any home to be considered for our Guardian Program. If you do not meet the following criteria then being a part of our Guardian Program may not be for you.  Contact us if you have any questions regarding our requirements.

  • You must live within 120 miles of Sisters, Oregon. *
  • Own your own home. *
  • Have prior experience owning, raising and training a dog. *
  • Have a fenced yard for the dogs safety. *
  • Commit to providing Purina Pro Plan (all life stages) and to give the dog 30 minutes of exercise per day (walking, fetch, swimming, etc).
  • Commit to providing training for dog. If we are dissatisfied with the progress of the dog, Mountain View Labradoodles reserves the right to request training and obedience classes at your cost. Completion certificates will need to be submitted to Mountain View Labradoodles for our records.
  • A willingness to accept and follow Mountain View Labradoodles recommendations for the dog/puppy’s basic health care and vet care such as vaccine schedules, the use of certain medications, etc.
  • Commit to drive the dog to us for breeding purposes or testing when we request.
  • Commit to not move in the next 3 years. If a move is necessary you must communicate with us immediately to discuss as a change of scenery can greatly affect our dogs and we want to ensure you are staying close for our breeding needs.
  • Understand the process involved with caring for intact males or females and commit to assume those responsibilities.
  • Make sure no other intact dogs are on your premises to prevent unwanted mating or viruses (this includes avoiding dog parks until the dog has completed their breeding program).
  • A willingness to maintain open lines of communications with Mountain View Labradoodles with any matter related to the dog/puppy by providing us with a monthly update on the dog/puppy at the first of every month. This includes a monthly photo of the puppy e-mailed.
  • Notify Mountain View Labradoodles of new contact information if there is any change in telephone number or e-mail address.
  • Allow Mountain View Labradoodles to potentially visit your home to review the environment or invite you to our premise to interview we if desire.
  • Commit to love and cherish this puppy/dog for many years to come and will provide them with proper nutrition, veterinary care, obedience training and exercise they need to have a full and happy life.

(* – Exceptions may be granted based on each individual circumstance. Exceptions are solely at the discretion of Mountain View Labradoodles.)

Why Guardians?

Aside from the cost savings, your new pet has been chosen as the finest quality that Mountain View Labradoodles has to offer. These puppies/dogs have been carefully selected and are considered by our long list of criteria to be the complete package of an Australian Labradoodle in order for us to use in our breeding program. As a Guardian Family, you will receive a gorgeous new puppy and a puppy that will make a great family pet due to the wonderful temperament of the Australian Labradoodle. A puppy chosen for the Guardian Family Program will go though an intense medical testing and screening before they will officially become a breeding dog.


Please contact us at  or apply today if you feel our Guardian Family Program is a good fit for you! The $300 deposit is not required for Guardian Home applicants. The Guardian Program is a successful and responsible way to breed select dogs that can live a great life in family home forever. We love and appreciate our Guardian Families so very much and we look forward to hearing from you!