Our Labradoodles

Our Australian Labradoodle pedigrees began in Australia and America. All of our dogs are either Penn Hip certified, or OFA certified with good and/or excellent hips in their lines, certified for eyes, tested for progressive retinal atrophy, cardiac, patellas, elbows, and cleared of Von Wildebrands. Most all of our breeding females are retired after having just 3 litters, so they can enjoy a wonderful, normal dog life.

All of our breeding dogs live in approved guardian homes and receive countless hours of love, affection, care and training. They love to play, but will also settle in for a good movie. Our dogs have the best life possible with one-on-one care and attention. We also keep in close touch with our Retired Labradoodles.

Meet Our Australian Labradoodle Females:

Mountain View’s Mocha – Australian Labradoodle


Mocha was born September 2015 to Daphne and Quixote. She is absolutely a delightful miniature Labradoodle who is a happy playful girl who loves everything and everyone. She currently lives with a loving family in Bend, Oregon and is a great addition to our breeding program. She has passed her OFA hip screening. We had some fun and interesting colors and true miniatures of 20 lbs or less in her last litter.


Mountain View’s Kona – Australian Labradoodle


Kona came from a litter with Reese and Butter in 2016. She lives in a fabulous, family guardian home in Salem, Oregon. She frequents softball and soccer games cheering on her family’s team. Kona has passed her OFA hip screening with “good” hips, normal elbows patellas and cardiac. She is a wonderful family dog with nice conformation and a great temperament. She has a fantastic fleece coat. Kona will be bred in 2018 for her first litter of Australian Labradoodle puppies.


Mt. Park’s Kaia – Australian Labradoodle


We purchased Kaia from Mt. Park Labradoodles. She is a gorgeous black girl with a lot of “style”. Kaia has a beautiful soft, non-shedding fleece coat and a wonderful sweet temperament. She completed her health screening with all good and normal results.

Mountain View’s Ebony – Multi-generation Labradoodle


Ebony was born June 13, 2014 and she was imported from United Kingdom to bring some new unrelated puppies to our breeding program. She is a gentle giant as she’s the biggest girl we have in a perfect standard size at 54 pounds and 25 inches at the shoulder. Her temperament is fabulous with her being both mellow and calm.

Ebony lives in Portland, Oregon with a wonderful guardian family who adore her. She passed her health screening with OFA good hips, elbows, patellas, cardiac and eyes.

Mountain View’s Sadie – Australian Labradoodle


Sadie was born July 26, 2014 to Casino Royale “Beau” and Callie. She is a delightful girl with a nice mix of a playful and calm temperament. She has wonderful boning and confirmation. We look forward to some really nice puppies from this rich chocolate girl.

Sadie’s health testing came back with OFA “good” hips, normal elbows, cardiac and patellas.

Mountain View’s Betty – Australian Labradoodle


Betty was born August 11, 2014 to Jewel and Cappuccino. She is a very sweet girl who lives with a big family in Bend, Oregon that have 6 kids and lots of fun activities going on. Her coat is a very soft red fleece and her temperament is great. She has passed her health screening with good and normal results.

Mountain View’s Jade – Australian Labradoodle


Jade was born March 26, 2014 to Molly and Cappuccino. She lives in a wonderful guardian home in Portland, along with another one of our girls. Jade has the wonderful temperament and a silky soft dark red fleece coat. She has competed her health screening with normal results and will be bred on her next heat. We expect exceptional puppies from this girl!



Mountain View’s Autumn Breeze – Australian Labradoodle

Australian Labradoodle

Autumn was born April 1, 2015 to Jasmine and Cappuccino. She lives in a fabulous guardian home in Bend, Oregon. Autumn has a wonderful calm sweet temperament and a gorgeous red fleece coat. Her boning is great which makes her an all-around good example of a Labradoodle! She has completed her health screening with normal results and her first litter will be early in 2017.


Mt. Park’s Zailey – Australian Labradoodle

Australian Labradoodle

Zailey was born June 29, 2015 and came to us from Mountain Park Labradoodles. She lives in a guardian home in Salem, Oregon. Zailey has a gorgeous red fleece coat and a nice calm temperament. She has completed her health screening with all normal results and had her first litter in 2017. We had fabulous puppies from this sweet girl!


Meet Our Australian Labradoodle Males:

Mountain View’s Macciato (Otto) – Australian Labradoodle


Otto was born March 16, 2014 and lives in Bend, Oregon with his guardian family. He is a gorgeous Red Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodle.

Otto has a beautiful red silky fleece coat, is 18 inches at the shoulder, and weighs 35 pounds. He has an extremely loving, calm temperament and enjoys paddle boarding with his guardian family. We have enjoyed seeing the puppies he has produced and their wonderful temperaments.

Otto passed his health screening with OFA good hips, normal eyes, heart, elbows and patellas.

Brasken’s Lincoln for Mountain View – Australian Labradoodle


Lincoln was born June 15, 2015 at Brasken Kennels in California. He came to us at 8 weeks of age and now lives with his wonderful guardian in Redmond, Oregon.

We are excited to add this fabulous dog to our breeding program. He has an excellent pedigree, temperament and an amazingly soft fleece coat.

Lincoln has passed his health screening with all good and normal results.

Lincoln has everything we look for in a sire and is a big part of our business producing wonderful puppies!

Mountain View’s Sancho – Australian Labradoodle


Sancho was born October 21, 2015 to Shiner and Quixote. He is a phantom, parti-factored chocolate Australian Labradoodle with some very interesting color variations. He is 15 inches at the shoulder and 25-30 pounds. His temperament is so nice and mellow, just like his parents. Sancho lives in Bend, Oregon with his guardian family.

He passed his health screening with OFA good hips, elbows, patellas, cardiac and eyes.

Sancho will be used with a few of our girls this coming year to produce miniature puppies.

Alpenridge Kausing Komotion “Butter” – Australian Labradoodle


Butter is a boy we got from Alpenridge Labradoodles in Central Oregon and he comes from fabulous Australian lines. You couldn’t ask for a nicer dog to represent the Australian Labradoodle breed. He’s got great boning, confirmation, coat and temperament in a perfect medium size. Butter just passed all of his health screening with OFA “good” hips, normal cardiac, patellas, thyroid and CERF. We are excited to see the puppies from this dog this summer!

Butter lives in Bend, Oregon with his guardian and is available for stud service to approved breeders.

Mountain View’s Rudy – Australian Labradoodle


Rudy was born September 12, 2015 to Daphne and Quixote. He has the most unique coloring we have ever seen in an Australian Labradoodle with both Merle and Phantom. Along with his unique coloring Rudy has a fabulous temperament and is a fun-loving guy. He learned to paddle board this summer and now lives in a guardian home in Springfield Oregon with some dear friends of ours.

Rudy passed his health screening with OFA good hips, elbows, cardiac, patellas and eyes. He weighs 25 pounds and is 14 inches at the shoulder.