Maple and Lincoln’s Labradoodle Puppies Have Arrived!

Maple's Puppies

Maple whelped her gorgeous puppies yesterday and they are all happy, healthy, and thriving. Maple is resting comfortably with her puppies as she relaxes after laboring. During this first week of life the puppies will be adjusting to life in this new world. They spend the majority of their time nursing and sleeping under the watchful eye of their mother. Maple is a fantastic and proud mom and is cleaning the puppies often. She keeps them all lined up as she snuggles them which is quite adorable. 

Every puppy is tagged at this stage so we can keep track of their growth and overall health. We weigh them every day to ensure proper weight gain and spend time each day snuggling the puppies individually. This ensures that they get used to human touch and our smell which makes the socialization training later much easier. The puppies are checked on every two hours throughout the entire day and night to ensure safety for both the mom and the puppies. As they reach the one week mark they will be much more settled into their routine and the puppies will be stronger to move around their whelping box. 

We still have one remaining female from this litter. This litter will mature to a medium size Labradoodle and be available on September 23rd. Get your application in today to reserve your spot in this wonderful litter!