Maple’s Labradoodle Puppies Are One Week

Maple’s Australian Labradoodle Puppies have reached the week-1 mark. They are growing quickly and doing very well. At this stage they are still very vulnerable as their eyes and ears have not opened yet. They spend the majority of their days under the watchful eye of their loving mother. Their day is spent mostly nursing and sleeping using their mom and each other as pillows. Maple spends all of her time laying with her puppies and cleaning up after them. She only takes small breaks to go outside to potty, eat, and then she’s right back to her sweet babies. 

This litter is absolutely adorable. They are so sweet and are such snugglers. They are already being held daily and the socializing has begun to prepare them for a life of being held, snuggled, and played with in their forever homes. This litter is now completely reserved, but check out our available puppy page to see other litters coming with availability in them.