Puppy Praises

Don’t Just Listen to Us Tell You How Great Our Labradoodles and Double Doodles Are…
Read What These New Parents Say!

Hi Terrie! I keep meaning to send you an update on our boy. He is inching closer to 1 yr old! We can’t believe it. We absolutely adore him and still can’t make it down a street without someone stopping to ask what he is, where we got him, and give him loves. We always give them your info! He is the best. We just got back from the beach for spring break, our most favorite. Charlie was beyond happy to be not only on the beach but chasing his beloved frisbee on it! 🙂 He does so well, stays right by my side. He is so funny, when we tell him we are going to frisbee at home and head out to go, he walks over to their spot, grabs one and goes to wait by the car door! So smart. He’s about done with his adult 1 obedience class here in a few weeks, then we will go to adult 2 and his canine good citizen test. Finn is even in class with us! So the brothers see each other each week, and often more as we meet at school to play a lot. He gets to walk with Cali a lot, too, they have such fun together, Ed as well! He loves his new buddy Lambeau too, and can’t wait for the next friend to come in June to the Westfalls. Still can’t thank you enough, we adore him and are so grateful. And, we can’t help but love that now we have about 6 of us with Terrie doodles in our neighborhood since Shane started with Ed! So fun. Hope you are all well! Take care!!

Hi Terrie, just want to let you know that Storm is a perfect pup! He’s brave, playful, smart and well-behaved. We are loving him. Thanks again for breeding a wonderful dog. Puppy class starts tomorrow. We are so excited to watch him learn and grow.

Lisa Conn (
Lisa now has 3 of our puppies)!

Dear Terrie
I hope you are enjoying some down time during the holidays.
I just wanted to let you know that we are so in love with our puppy Francesca!
Thank you for picking the perfect puppy for our family. She has a fantastic disposition and has fit Into our family seamlessly. We had her crate trained in two nights , she has been going to the bathroom outside without any problem and only uses the piddle pad if we don’t get to her soon enough.
Most Importantly, she is the sweetest, calmest dog imaginable. We have had our house full of people this holiday and she is completely at ease. she loves to play with our kids and they just adore her.
Both my parents are retired Veterinarians and they are so impressed on what a fantastic dog she is… They told us that we hit the jackpot with her!

It’s obvious she had a loving upbringing before coming to us and I will be happy to recommend you to our friends who are looking for a fabulous labradoodle.

Sara, Jim, jack and Finn

Hi Terrie,

I hope all is going well with you and that you are having a happy holiday season! I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know what an absolute joy Henry is! He is such a beautiful pup and is a total sweetheart. He is a favorite in the neighborhood and he makes me really happy.

We are really a perfect match! Thank you so much for sending him to me!!

Wishing you a very wonderful holiday and a peaceful, happy and healthy new year.

Henry lives in Boston.


We picked her up at the airport yesterday early evening. After flying for around nine hours, you would think she would be miserable. Nope! Walked straight out of the crate calmly and started giving kisses.

She is happy in her new home!! Spent her first night in the crate next to my bed. Not a peep out of her. Slept 8 hours through. Then off we went to the park at 7:30 to meet some new friends. Yep- I took her at 7:30!!! She just loved all the sights and sounds of the park with all the people, dogs, squirrels, birds. Played for an hour then back home for a nice long nap.

She is already housebroken ( 3 weeks of training in Oregon) and knows all the basic commands.

This afternoon she is downtown with Harris meeting his friends and tomorrow night she will enjoy her first traditional holiday meal with us.

All of you know how excited I am to have this adorable little girl in my life- my last dog! And thank you all for your interest in her.

She is an absolute doll and truly the smartest most easy going dog I’ve ever met.

I feel very lucky….

Ellie lives in New York City


Hi Terrie,

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful puppy! We named her Lucy and she is so calm and sweet. She is also perking up as she gets to know us and is playful and spunky. I took her to the vet on Monday ( the vet we saw for our last dog) and she just wagged and wagged. She was the calmest and youngest dog in the waiting area. Our vet loved her!

Lucy lives in Portland, OR


I am sure you get emails like this all the time, but I had to reach out and thank you for this precious gift of Porter. He is the sweetest dog, so eager to learn and grow and please us. Our family is enjoying taking on his training together and studying him.

He sleeps in his crate with no problem and from day 1 has slept 7 hours straight through the night, no crying at all. Unbelievable.

We know we have been completely blessed by the care that you put into each puppy from the beginning. Thanks for adding such love and connection to our family through you work. You really have a gift.

Porter lives in Bend, OR


Hi Terrie,

You picked a real winner for us! Briggs is a wonderful dog! We love him! He is so much fun and has an amazing personality.

I wanted to let you know that we are working with kids in 2 different schools. His sensitivity is absolutely amazing.
I wanted to share a couple of particular experiences…..

I was asked if I would try and work with a little autistic boy who is not dealing well at school. He is pretty much non-verbal at school with teachers and other students. (I know email won’t do this experience justice, but you will get the big picture) The first day I worked with him he was tense, and would only nod his head, but before we were finished, he was petting Briggs with both hands and had read 4 sentences to Briggs. This was the first time he has been willing to read out load at school.
The 2nd time I went, he had illustrated a book and written a story about meeting a new friend. Briggs. He read it to me and was so proud of himself.
I have taught Briggs how to give a hug and you should have seen the smile on his face when Briggs gave him a hug. It melted my heart. Every time Briggs is willing to do something for him….he has committed to verbally giving him praise. We are working together on a regular basis now.

I have seen kids who are so ADD that they can’t follow and find their place while reading aloud. Once they start petting Briggs while they read, they are able to focus much better. Their body language relaxes and they are less frustrated. They don’t want to go back to class!

We are still taking classes, practicing and socializing with lots of places, people and other dogs. He is certainly not certified yet, but he is well on his way. He loves children! When we work with the students, he lays in the middle of me and the student, and before I know it…..he has laid his head on their laps or legs, and is calmly letting them pet him. He has done wonders for several kids.

He makes us laugh, he brings us joy, he loves to walk the trails with us and he is simply a delight.
I wish I could send you pictures of him with the students but because of privacy laws, I can’t.

Thanks again for working with us in achieving our goals. I know that there are never any guarantees, but you chose well. I hope things are going well for you. Keep up the good work.

Briggs lives in Arizona.


Hi Terrie – Bristol (8 weeks old) slept through the entire night last night (well, an entire 7 hours) and did not wet herself. She has learned to fetch and sit, and comes most the time when called. She is essentially potty trained. I can’t believe how fast she is learning. She is a sweetheart. Bristol is a blessing for us, and hopefully for many other folks in the years ahead.


Hi there Terrie – I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know how very happy we are with our puppy! Blitz is truly a member of our family and brings us all countless hours of joy. Our sons enjoy taking him on walks, training him, and generally taking care of him; while my wife and I are both surprised at just how much we enjoy having a dog in our lives again – I think we enjoy it as much as the boys do! Every time we take Blitz out, we get comments on what a “beautiful dog” and “perfect pet” he is. Of course we agree, and he’s a hit with all of our neighbors and their pets.

At this point, our home is tricked out with a dog door, indoor crate, outdoor doghouse, and more pet toys than you can imagine – a new one every few weeks.

My favorite part is the way Blitz RUNS to the door full tilt to greet me when I get home (the way my kids used to LOL), literally bouncing off the walls to get to me. He’s clearly a very happy and well loved dog.

Thanks again for making Blitz a part of our lives!

Blitz lives with his family in Southern Oregon


Terrie- your ears MUST have been ringing last Saturday for sure. The “short” version of the story is that I saw a beautiful woman and her son carrying an adorable puppy out of a store up near Portland about two 1/2 weeks ago. My jaw dropped… I practically accosted the poor woman with my questions and we conversed about the coincidence that we both had double doodles. My puppy was at home with Steve. Beth and I marveled at the odds of us each of us having DD’s and THEN we realized that our pups were sisters. What a serendipity, to be sure! Neither Beth or I go to that shopping center very often and we just kept saying “I can’t believe it”! It must have been meant to be to run into each other.

Last Saturday Beth, and her lovely family, had Steve & I over to their beautiful home so the “Sisters from Sisters” could have a play date. Beth & Terry kindly provided lunch for the two legged kind and treats for the sisters. It was such fun for all. Mango immediately wanted to play and eventually Annie got braver and “got it”.

In August Steve & I will be hosting the “play date” gathering. We can hardly wait!
So… Not only did you provide us each with our fabulous pups… We now have new friends and new reasons to be glad that we found Mt. View Labradoodles and you, Terrie!


Hi Terrie!

We are very slow at getting a family picture to you. Bentley is doing great. He is such a sweet puppy. We are all enjoying loving on him. He attracts so much attention every where we go. He had fun at the Fourth of July parade. He wasn’t even slightly concerned about the noise and activity. He also went out on the boat for the first time. He loves playing in the sand! He even swam a little.

We can’t thank you enough for picking such a sweet little guy for us. He already knows sit and loves to fetch! His potty training is going really well.

Bentley lives in Idaho


Hi Terrie-

I’m attaching a pic. of my daughter with Lucy. It’s only been 4 weeks, but I can’t begin to tell you how much joy she has brought to our family. My 96 year old father lights up when he sees her. She is smart, playful, learning basic commands, doing well with potty training, and the vet said she is in perfect health. Her personality is so cute and her temperament is amazing. I’m sure all the puppies are great, however we are sure we somehow got the best one. We feel very lucky to have found such a great breeder and want to thank you for everything!

Lucy lives in Minnesota


Juno is doing just great! She’s been to the vet and has had her toenails clipped, and that’s just the beginning. For just nine weeks she’s so advanced!

She sleeps all night on a short leash next to our bed.
She’s nearly house-trained and responds to “Go potty” on command.
(I’m going to get a bell for her to ring near the door.)
She walks on a leash.
She knows her name and comes when called.
She sits on command.
She’s had a bath and a blow-dry.
She’s eating well, three times a day.
She’s been to a couple of parties and plays great with the kids.
She can stay in her crate for three hours at a time during the day, (but rarely does, because I want to get her out and play with her!)

I’ve had a couple of people, including my vet, say that she’s very mature for her age.

I just adore her, and she’s very attached to me. She’s just perfect. Phoebe, our Border Collie, is tolerating Juno better all the time–I caught her wagging her tail at Juno today. I know they’re going to be great friends.

My husband is jealous because he’s out of town on business for a month, so he’s worried that he won’t be able to catch up, bonding-wise, but I know they’ll love each other just fine. He had a few days with her before he left and she was already responding to him.

Thank you for bringing her into our lives!

Juno lives in Eugene, Oregon

Hey Terrie
I just wanted to take a minute to update you on Amos. He is amazing, so smart and beautiful. He is now attending puppy class and doing so well with all the commands. Every weekend we are taking him to the farmers market in edmonds and he is a little celebrity, I think we have given out your information to like 10 different families that loved Amos. We are enjoying everyday with him. I hope all is well with you and your husband and the dogs.

Amos lives in Washington state.

Terrie –

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I haven’t forgotten to send you a picture of the puppy with our family. We’ve been having so much fun with him, it’s hard to find the time! I’ve taken several shots, but the lighting hasn’t been very good – I need to “stage” something outside so Blitz’s beautiful color shows at its best!

I know you probably hear this with every puppy that you place, but we just can’t believe that our puppy is so . . .

BEAUTIFUL – on the trip home, we literally had strangers asking us if they could pet sit for “the most beautiful puppy in the world”. Everyone comments on how striking he is.

SWEET – everyone who meets Blitz comments on his sweet disposition. My wife and I are both surprised at how much we’ve fallen in love with Blitz. After just a week, it’s like he’s been a member of our family forever.

SMART – wow. He’s almost completely housetrained. Any accidents are because we didn’t pick up on his cues. He goes potty outside within a minute of being let out and he totally ‘gets’ the routine. He goes to his crate when he’s tired, and he’s learned to “sit” on command – he learned that one in just five minutes!

Terrie, thank you again for making Blitz such a wonderful addition to our family! Once spring sports and school end this weekend, I’ll have time to get you a proper photo of this beautiful, sweet, smart puppy.

Blitz lives in Southern Oregon

Hi Terrie,

I hope that you are doing well. I have been meaning to write to tell you how much we are loving our Eli. He is almost 11 months old and brings us so much joy every single day. He has completed 3 levels of obedience training and I hope to obtain his good citizenship certification. His puppyhood was a joy and a breeze. He is the easiest dog I have ever trained and we have bonded deeply. I did end up making a scrapbook of his first few months at home and hope to update it soon. I will send you a picture of him in my next email.

Eli lives in Corvallis, Oregon

Hello, I was just revisiting your website as I’ve had a handful of friends ask about Charlie’s breeder (my brother included). I just thought I’d send a quick note to thank you for helping breed one of the greatest gifts of joy I’ve ever received in my life. Charlie was born on June 30, 2010. He surprised me that he actually has remained at 25 pounds over the last couple years. If you recall, Charlie also has a short tail, which I actually LOVE. I have loved this little bundle of joy and I’m highly encouraging other friends and family to bring home a friend for Charlie Brown from Mountainview Labradoodles. My best to you all, including your extended doodle family.

Charlie lives near Seattle, Washington

Terrie, I can’t tell you how thoroughly thrilled we are with Bella. She is an absolute delight in every way…super smart, easy to train, does not want to disappoint us ever, and is absolutely adorable! She slipped right into our family of 6 with such ease. I think you kept 1 or 2 females from Rose’s litter, but I’m afraid you gave us the best one! Also, I am so grateful for your
professionalism and advice through our process of acquiring Bella, and since then. We highly recommend you to anyone we meet. Thank you again for our wonderful puppy.

Bella lives in California

I just had to write this message to tell you what Phoebe did tonight. Rich & I have been carefully taking her outside every couple hours so she can relieve herself. We’ve been faithful about this but she has had a couple accidents. Anyway, tonight she was snoozing on a quilt that was over my legs on a footstool. She accidently slid off my legs and hit the floor (about 10”) with a thud. She shook herself a bit and then made a bee-line for the sliding glass door that goes out to the backyard. I scrambled to get myself over to the door, opened it for her and she ran out to the grass and dropped and peed!! I was so excited! She came running back – was inside for only a couple min and then ran back to the door again. I let her out and she ran out and pooped!! Eight weeks plus 2 days old – that’s pretty darn good! We gave her all kinds of praise and she pranced around a bit like she knew she had done well.

Phoebe lives north of Seattle Washington.

I wanted to give you an update on Hank (Master and Addie’s litter) and send some updated pictures. I took him in for his rabies shot – he weighs 32 lbs now and the vet says he’s very healthy!

Hank has been such a blessing to our family! It is so great that he is fully and completely potty trained (as of 4 months or earlier I don’t remember the last time he had an accident). He knows a few Spanish commands (Come, sit, drop it, shake, come get food, come get water, hurry up). By the time he was 4 months he could come, sit, shake, beg (not for food, but as a trick where he sits on his back to legs), lay down, crawl (one of my favorites), roll over, hide and seek, stay, drop it, and his absolute favorite game is fetch. He could play it for hours! I love when he brings his toy back and he doesn’t quite drop it close enough, that you can say, “Hank get your toy” and he’ll pick it back up and bring it closer to you.

Jason and I take him on many walks (and runs). He does well with the leash. He has now been to the beach twice! He loves the water as long has he has all four on the ground. I haven’t taken him swimming yet. I take him just about anywhere I go. Hank loves being in the car. Because it’s summer time, I often pick my husband up from work, and Hank will come with me. We don’t need a leash on those short tips, he stays right close even when we walk in side. He is always up for meeting new people. He does great with all ages! I still want to make him a therapy dog.

We are so glad we waited for the right puppy to come along. Thank you so, so much for giving us the opportunity! I can’t imagine my life without him 🙂 Everywhere we go people ask about him and are continually referring them to your website 🙂

Thank you again! (Hank lives in Salem, Oregon)

Hi Terrie~

It has been awhile since I wrote and updated you on Tilley (Teal puppy from Ruby and Zeke’s litter) so I figured I would write! He is 15 weeks old now, and it’s so hard to believe we’ve only had him for 7 and a half weeks; it feels like he’s always been part of our family! We are constantly amazed by how clever this little guy is! To date he knows sit, “high five” (shake), lay down, roll over, stay, come, calm, and leave it. He knows to come when we whistle for him, and he knows to sit when we snap twice. He is very food motivated, and often gets a treat for doing a trick (just a piece of his puppy food), but he listens so well and will do anything even if it’s just for affection. We have people stop us all the time while we’re out on walks or in public places and ask where we had him trained, and they are always shocked to hear that we have just been training him ourselves!! They also always have to comment on how adorable and soft he is, and he absolutely loves attention from any person, which we love!

Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful puppy–we couldn’t love him more than we already do and are so grateful that he had such a great start to life; we know we owe you and Gene so much for his fantastic temperament!!

Tilley is a Labradoodle and lives in Portland, Oregon

Attached are two pictures of Cali taken today, after her bath, but before her bangs are trimmed. She is a wonderful puppy! She has graduated from Obedience B1 and B2, being the youngest is her classes and doing a great job. She knows all the skills required for her CGC Test, but is not consistent enough yet to take the test and so we will spend time this summer working on those skills before we test. She has also been through some RallyO courses in her obedience training and really seems to like that form of practice. (Our trainer says she looks like she is smiling when she goes through.) She does very well on the course and I have gotten the book and rules to practice with her here at home…who knows, we may try her out on a competition one day. I have paperwork for her to be enrolled in the AKC’s PAL/ILP Program should we decide to go that route. Our primary goal right not, however, remains the same: to become a Therapy Dog. We all agree that she will be excellent in this area once she outgrows some of her “puppy enthusiasm”. She absolutely love people, especially children. She did have an experience with a young woman in a wheel chair on our walk in the park one day, and she was in complete control of her “puppiness”, quietly approaching the chair and then quietly laying her head in the woman’s lap while being petted. We were all amazed! The trainer where we have been taking lessons is also in love with Cali and everywhere we go, Cali draws admirers always commenting, “Is she real? She looks like a stuffed animal! She is sooooo cute!!!” We couldn’t be happier with her.

Cali lives in Ohio

Hi Terrie~

I just wanted to let you know that Tilley is doing wonderfully in his new home!! He is the sweetest thing and we are already so in love with him! He has the perfect balance between being playful and mellow, and he’s a total snuggler which I love! He’s been doing a great job sleeping in his crate every night, and as long as I take him out to potty a couple times during the night he’s perfectly content to sleep in it from about 10pm-6am (I think it helps that it’s right by our bed 🙂 Not only does he have the perfect temperament, but he is incredibly smart too!! He already knows how to sit, and we’re working on “come”, “stay”, and “leave it”. He already knows that he needs to sit before he gets food, sit outside before we come in from a potty break or playing in the backyard, and sit once he gets in from outside so that I can wipe off his paws–such a smart boy!!

Our six-year-old nephew absolutely adores him, and they play so well together! Today I took him over to my parents’ house to meet their 6 year old dalmatian, Cody, and the two got along just great! He has done great with every new person he has met, and is even doing great with our cats!

He has adjusted so well to his new home, and we owe you and Gene so much for giving him such a great start in life!! We couldn’t be happier and more in love with the newest member of our family!!

Tilley lives in Portland, OR

Thought I’d give you an update on Sunny and a big thank you! She takes in new experiences with confidence. She loves people and greets all visitors as her new best friend. She’s been exposed to skateboarders, bicycles, cars and motorcycles and nothing bothers her. We are so grateful for your work on socializing Sunny. Her confidence is amazing to us. Since she got her second shot today, she can start puppy kindergarten on Wednesday and we can’t wait to see her around other dogs.

Sunny has settled in wonderfully and sleeps through the night. We’re making good progress with potty training and haven’t had any accidents in days. We found it is as much a task of us being trained as it is her learning! We’re teaching her to use “Poochie Bells” by the door leading to her “pee palace” and she’s getting pretty good at ringing the bells when we take her to the door. She’s also got a good “sit” going and we’re working on “watch,” “come,” a very short “stay” and “down.” What a smart pup! She is very comfortable in her crate and accepts her pen when we’re eating or need her to be on her own.
So, again, thank you both for your time and effort in the breeding and the upbringing of our dear pup!

Sunny lives in California.

Nice to hear back from you, Terrie…..we are impressed as heck with the high quality of dogs that you breed. We are always telling people about your breeding program, because everyone that meets Otto wants to know where we got him. There are several golden/labradoodles in and around our neighborhood…..none of them are as fine-looking or well-mannered as Otto. We are so elated that our paths crossed. Hopefully we have sent some good folks your way.

Take care, Kathleen, John, and Otto
Otto has a facebook page! Check it out by searching for Otto the Labradoodle

Terrie and Gene:
“Just wanted you to know I am truly amazed at the job you do with your doodles!!! Sestriere is an amazing puppy. She demonstrated that she understood sit, down, come, would go potty outside and follows Tom EVERYWHERE!!! (okay when he is not around, she will look to me and stay close but she will whine wondering where he is) pretty funny!

She rode home very well (slept most of the way) when we stopped she got out and went potty and then was ready to go again!! She found her pillow in our Bend home and our Tri-Cities home and seemed to understand this was “her place”. Of course we will continue to work with all these wonderful basics you have started her with and we are very fortunate to have found you as a breeder. She is a marvelous dog! (Oh yeah and she knows it!!!) Got so many compliments yesterday – we kept her in light traveled areas and places where we know people don’t have pets but she has acclimated well to hair dryer noise, noises of life etc – doesn’t seem to be skittish at all. I look forward to sharing stories with you.”

Tom and Wendy

Tri-Cities, WA and Bend, OR

“We are utterly and irrevocably in love with Watson. He is the most gentle soul, and seems to have an immediate kinship with small children (and never chews on them!) and never jumps on anyone. And he wiggles his whole body with happiness every time one of us walks into the room. He is totally mellow inside, but the moment we get outside he is super playful and athletic! The perfect SF city dog for an active family. Even our vet said he was one of the sweetest pups she’d ever met. And his coat! It’s so beautiful. People are always saying he looks like a little Gund bear. Also, I haven’t had any problems with my allergies with him around, which is such a relief.

We were so nervous about getting a puppy we’d never met… and it turns out all that worry was for nothing! It’s like Watson has been here forever. We’re already talking about getting another one in a few years and we will definitely want to get one from you, Terrie. We couldn’t be happier with our sweet mellow boy.”

The Horners
San Francisco

“I talked to my dog groomer friend today and asked if she has heard of your puppies. She says she’s been grooming your dogs for years!! She had nothing but wonderful things to say about them. She said I would be stupid to pass up an opportunity to have one of your dogs be a part of our family and also said I’d be getting nothing but the best!! “

Dear Terrie!
“Jack is finally home!!! What a cutie pie! His personality is incredibly sweet and friendly. He is playing with us like he’s been here forever 🙂 Just grabbed a toy and climbed on my son’s lap – happy, friendly, even tempered, just everything we ever wanted! What a doll!!! We just love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! We are so happy!!!Terrie, when you get a chance, can you email us what coat he’ll have you think – fleece, wool or combo of both. Looks like fleece, but we can’t tell. It really doesn’t matter, we are just curious. It’s so pretty, soft and we just love his color!!!!!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Jack lives in Mooresville, North Carolina and will be trained for therapy.”

“We are totally thrilled with Baron. He relates to our grandkids who are here about 2X a week…the 8 year old can walk him in a good style and Baron heels pretty well. Quinn loves Baron a lot and they cuddle. The 1 yr. old and 2 yr. old are not at all afraid of this puppy; and I sometimes put him in his kennel to get a rest from them. He plays well with a miniature Australian shepherd across the street. We think he is well adjusted and very nicely socialized. We think he is potty trained but at any rate, we are, as he indicates he wants out, we are right there to accommodate him. With the weather so good, he is enjoying our fenced-in back yard a lot. He is learning a few tricks…sit, down, roll over and we are working on ‘fetch’ right now.” Baron lives in Oregon.

“Well, it’s been five days with Ruby and we are still absolutely in love with her. She rode home to Portland without a peep in her crate and has been sleeping all night. No accidents in the house at all. Loves the kids and is so obedient. She follows us around all over the house and just shows so much love and trust to us already. I think she really feels at home. The kids absolutely love her and they all act like they’ve had a dog forever with her; even Elijah, who was a bit shy, walks her, plays with her, trains her and hugs on her. I can’t imagine having a more perfect dog. She is so fun to be around and easy to care for. She is around us all day. She spends some of the day on her dog bed in the family room tethered to the wall and is only in her crate at night or if we need to leave for a while.

She does great with car rides and loves to run and play in the yard. She has nearly perfected Fetch…She only takes a short lap with the toy before bringing it back and I’ve almost got her to automatically sit and drop it when she brings it back. My wife is very supportive and hasn’t always been a big fan of dogs, and was mostly being supportive for me and the kids in this deal, but Ruby has won her heart as well. In fact Ruby does well at babysitting the kids and keeping them occupied and playing well together and getting them out of Holly’s hair now and again. She has truly earned a place in our home and we love having her as part of our family.” Ruby lives in Portland, Oregon and is a future breeding dog for us.

“Finally we got Portia’s (multi-generation Labradoodle) documents for therapy (Therapy Dogs Inc) and she is already visiting a patient on hospice. It will be nice for both of us to get out. There is a new therapy group trying to form in Central Oregon and I am very excited to see it develop. Thanks to you both for all of your tremendous support and encouragement. I really have appreciated the kind words I hope you are doing well.” Lynn in Bend, Oregon.

“We adopted Georgie from you 2 years ago – her mother is Tuscany. We are from Eugene. Georgie has been wonderful. She is so delightful and everyone seems to adore her. She is everything I hoped for in a dog. She is very athletic and loves to socialize with dogs and humans. We take a lot of hikes and walks and have met a couple of her cousins here in Eugene. Whenever she meets another Labradoodle or Goldendoodle she seems to fall instantly into a canine love frenzy. Its very fun to watch.” Georgie lives in Eugene, Oregon.
“I want to thank you for breeding such a wonderful Labradoodle Puppy as Gabi and Gary’s pup, Rufus, from one of Legend’s recent litters. Our 13 year old Golden Retriever, Ollie, died a year ago and I miss him. There a few reasons I can’t get another puppy right now, but Rufus is helping to bridge the gap.

I cannot believe how smart, agreeable, loving, playful, sweet, and adorable he is. He is about 5-6 months, but I couldn’t believe that when Gabi and Gary got him, how he knew the meaning of no, and obeyed it. He now nudges Gabi if he wants to go out. He just has so much love…even for friends of the family.

You have done a wonderful job of breeding. His confirmation is so perfect…he looks like a champion already. I tell him that you made a mistake in selling him, because he would be a wonderful breeder, I can tell already. I love the way he walks. Gabi and Gary are great with him too. They love him to pieces.

I have searched sights and your Labradoodles are really special. Thank you so much! (I really think the Obama puppy should have been one of yours.)” Sandy in Anchorage, Alaska

“It’s been quite a while, but I want to let you know how Rufus (Xavier Sassparilla) is doing. He is the most fantastic dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around. He has been completely potty trained for quite a while now and when he needs to go out, he nudges my leg. He can stay, fetch and sit…he is loved by the whole family and everyone in the office (yes, he still comes to work every day with me). I hope you are doing very well and thanks again for such a fantastic little guy.” Rufus live in Anchorage, Alaska

“Hi from sunny Florida! We are so very happy with Snickers! She is now 11 weeks old. She is a gorgeous puppy. She is very friendly. Our whole neighborhood already knows her and she is so happy to see everyone (including strangers). We have had goldens before but this golden-doodle is by far the smartest we’ve had (must be the poodle genes). By 10 weeks old Snickers has been sitting on command. She is a great listener. She was also practically crate trained by the time we got her. She does have a few accidents but they are mainly our fault. Since the moment we got her as soon as we took her out she makes (which makes life so much easier for us). By the way the vet fell in love with her too. We took Snickers to the vet the day after we got her and the vet commented that “you can tell that she got a lot of attention”. Terrie, thank you so much for bringing Snickers into our lives. She has been a great addition. The kids love her and she is great with the kids.” Snickers lives in Florida.

“Kaiah (pronounced like Maya with a “k”) is doing beautifully. She has been adjusting to her new house…along with plenty of visitors…canine and human 🙂 I’m convinced that she is the perfect little puppy. Her temperament is fantastic and she’s already almost completely potty trained and has learned sit and paw. What a smart girl! Thanks for giving her such a great head start to her training. She absolutely loves playing in the snow. It’s a good thing she came home to Chicago! She’s the talk of the town…everywhere I go people want to know what kind of dog she is because she’s so adorable.”

“I had to write to you and tell you how much we love our puppy, Sandy at one year. Sandy is the oldest pup of Legend and Destiny and we got her when she was only 8 weeks old. She is so happy, healthy, and full of good intentions. She has an amazing cuteness to her. Every time we walk her at the park, other people (walking their own dogs) tell us how cute she is. She is highly intelligent, eager to play, and loved our snowy winter. I am still amazed that we found the only dog in the world that I am not allergic to, she has been a blessing to us. Thank you so much for everything you did early on in educating us, we couldn’t love her any more than we do.” Sandy lives in Lynnwood, Washington.

“Just a fast update on Churro…We Love Her!!! She is such a wonderful addition to our family. Of course she is beautiful, but in addition she’s charming, clever and easy. I went to my first puppy class last week and this week Churro will join me. I’m sure she’ll be an “A” student. I also want to encourage other families with teenagers to get a dog. She brings us all together at a time when the kids are venturing out more. They have also proved to be responsible in her care. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful dog. Churro lives in New Jersey.

Just wanted to update you on baby Jake…he is doing marvelous. He goes to the door now for potty’s and we’ve not had a puddle since about his third day here. He is very smart and I feel he’s thriving. He’s about 12 pounds and still a butter ball but is very active and funny. He’s a wonderful joy and LOVES Jim which just tickles me and, of course, Jim loves the day-lights out of the little dickens as I knew he would.

PS: Jake started ringing the doggie bell hanging from the door today for his potty breaks….he’s doing amazing with his house training! Smart baby!!!! Once he really banged the bell and when I opened the door he blasted as fast as he could and I thought he’d never stand up again! Too cute.” Jake lives in Sisters, Oregon.

“We wanted to give you an update about our amazing new puppy. Lexi was quite the traveler making it 9 hours on the ride home!!! It’s been less than a week since we picked her up and she has slept the last 2 nights from 10:00 – 6:00. We have been introducing her every day to friends and their dogs and she it great with them. She is pretty confident around everyone.

We’ve had great dogs in the past but I don’t think we have ever had one so smart. She has learned sit, off, and leave it already without giving treats and will come (if there isn’t any distraction). I hope she is as easy to housebreak!!!!! We absolutely love her. Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.” Lexi lives in Truckee, California.

“Our new puppy is perfect! She has made a wonderful adjustment to living in New Jersey. My family spends most of the day in our large kitchen, where Churro has become a sweet, playful, relaxed and funny member.

She seems to have come already housetrained (assuming that we walk her every few hours), and has slept through the night from 10:30 pm to 6:00 am without any mess since her first day with us.

She doesn’t whine or complain…she just plays, sleeps and gives plenty of love. Everyone who comes to visit thinks she’s the cutest and sweetest thing they’ve ever seen. She loves our play sessions in the backyard, where the beast in her seems to come out. All the leaves, plants, smells seem to send her into joyful orbit.”

“Just thought I’d give you a report on how Autzen has been doing…He has been the perfect puppy so far! Autzen is so mellow and well behaved already. Everyone is so amazed by how great… and CUTE he is. He had a calm ride home and went potty right away in his special spot in the backyard. He’s already learning that’s his spot and waits at the door to go potty. There has only been one accident and that was when we took him to someone else’s house.

Autzen has only cried for about 2 minutes each night before going to sleep. The last two nights he has gotten up at about 2am to go potty and then went back to sleep without trouble. We’re so amazed- we were expecting him to cry all night long. It’s been wonderful! Today he went to the vet for the first time. They were happy w/ all that you have done for him so far and all the information you have provided for me. The vet was even amazed by how well behaved he was! He’s a healthy 7lbs, 2.5oz boy. 🙂 Thank you so much for all you have done thus far. We can’t wait for what is to come w/ our perfect puppy!

P.S. He LOVES chewing on his toy beaver! We’ve already trained him well. :)” Autzen lives in Eugene, Oregon.

“Hello from Boise Idaho. Can’t believe it’s been a year since we said goodbye and Sydney joined our family. She is such a terrific dog and key member of the family. Her personality is very warm, friendly and curious…as in always sniffing around to see what’s up. She also loves to fetch, go on hikes, lay around with the girls and watch movies, and always enjoys going to Sunriver. She’s also become my loyal jogging mate and trained for a 5K with me this year (the race organizers wouldn’t let her race however). This summer she also climbed Lava Butte, went swimming at Sparks Lake, Nevada, and traveled to California. I can’t thank you again for bringing her to us.” Sydney lives in Boise, Idaho.

“I can’t believe it has been three weeks since we picked up Finnegan. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that he is doing great. He is one of the smartest dogs we have owned. He sits, gives us his paw, walks well on a leash and best of all runs to the door and barks when he needs to go out! He was doing all this by the end of the first week which is pretty darn good for a nine week old puppy. He also sleeps from ten at night until 6 or 6:30 in the morning. As easy and as much fun as it is owning these doodles it is hard not to want another, especially after seeing the pictures of the new arrivals.” Finnegan lives in Long Beach, Washington.

“I just wanted to let you know what an incredible dog Bella is. She is now 18 mos. and I cannot describe in words how wonderful she truly is. She is amazing with kiddos and is so incredibly loving and willing to please. She doesn’t shed at all and is the cutest pup ever. I just wanted to thank you for breeding such amazing dogs.” Bella lives in Eugene, Oregon.

“As I sit here watching my doodle play with one of her MANY toys it made me think of you and how grateful I am to have found you. It is such a blessing to know that you cared sooo much about your puppies that you went to all that trouble to find just the right one for me…..

We have been training once every 2 weeks and have now had 4 lessons with a great gal. She raises border collies and shows them as well. She is very straightforward and helps me find my own commands to direct Portia. It has been very challenging for me but even more rewarding, so thank you for all you did. Portia is incredibly quick to learn and sooo willing to please that I know we will be able to succeed. She has already woke me up out of a dead sleep @ 4 am and alerted me to a migraine. She licked me from my arm up to my face until she knew I was awake and took my meds. Even though we haven’t worked on that at all I believe she knows where my meds are and watches me take then every day so I don’t think it was a coincidence. She laid by me for 20 minutes and then went back to the foot of the bed. Pretty AWESOME….. She knows when I get stressed and is very ‘tuned in” to my actions when I am not myself. Thanks for all you did for me…I think about you often.” Portia lives in Bend Oregon and is learning to be a therapy dog for her owner.

“We all made it through the first few weeks and are all in love with each other. You may recall that Frankie has a gift with animals and wow, they already share a special bond! Sandy loves to wake up Frankie every morning by digging her out of the bedcovers, tail a waggin’, and everybody smiling. Sandy sleeps beautifully every night in her crate at our bedside, waking up with the birds chirping at 5am.

She has the most beautiful coat and even her vet says she is a beauty and very well mannered. Sandy already loves water and so we can’t wait to take her swimming when the weather warms up. Initially, I think she preferred the cold & dryer weather you have in Sisters to our west side of the Cascades wet grass and frequent showers, but again, she is a great one for adjusting.

She is doing very well with early training, commands like sit and stay, no biting, no jumping are going really well. I still have had no allergic reactions at all, what a blessing! Everyone stops us on our walks to ask us about her, we do think she is the world’s cutest and smartest puppy! Thanks so much for all your early education and for your support. We plan to have a very fun filled summer with her!” Sandy lives in Lynnwood, Washington (Seattle area).

“Today was Ozzi’s 3 month birthday. He is such a good dog. He walks on a leash and by my side. He can sit, give me his paw on command and goes to the bathroom whenever I take him out. Everywhere we go people stop and want to pet him. Today he weighs double from when we picked him up 1 month ago. He was 7.3lbs at the vet when I took him for his 1st exam and today he weighs 14 lbs. My husband and I adore him and can’t wait to see him the next day after putting him to bed the night before. He sleeps all night in his crate with the door closed and barks if he wants to go to the bathroom. You can’t have created a better, so mellow of a dog then Ozzi.
Ozzi (@ 8 weeks) slept in his crate the entire trip home. We stopped once for a potty break. Upon arriving home we visited 3 families and everyone loved him. Last night he cried for 5 minutes but slept until we woke him up at 3 and then back to sleep until 6:15 a.m. He has successfully gone potty outside and only has had 2 little pee accidents so far. We adore him and I believe he feels the same. We will send pictures of him later to show you his new “mountain view”. We can’t thank you enough for this puppy. We are soooooooo happy and blessed. We love him and thank you again for everything.” Ozzi lives near Mt. Shasta, California.

“Sandy did so well last night. She is such a great girl and the work you have already done with her has paid off. She is eager to please and very calm. She slept well in her crate from about 9pm until 12, Jeff let her out briefly and she peed on her spot, then after some belly rubs, was willing to go back into her crate and slept until 5:30 without a peep. Naturally, we all got up early to reward her and love her before we left for school. She is so sweet.” Sandy lives near Seattle, Washington.
“I just wanted to update you on our sweet Zaidy. She is happy, thriving, and the sweetest girl ever! Her personality is the most incredible mix of playful yet calm, intelligent, and loving. We are in heaven, and we thank you so much! Now that the weather is warming we have started Zaidy on some mild hikes in the Boulder mountains, which she loves, and she exuberantly remembers the past trails we have been on. She has the softest mouth, and gently takes our boys’ treats with real care when they call for her. 3 days a week when our boys are in school she has a full day free as an “only” and is treated to a day of fun in dog-loving boulder. Dog stores (toys and treats!), and of course mountain walks….. Puppy kindergarten is going great….she and a French Bulldog are soul-mates, both the calmest pups in the class (and the smartest if you ask me!!).” Zaidy lives in Boulder, Colorado.

“Patric is a wonderful, loving, responsive, intelligent puppy. He makes great eye contact while waiting for some instruction. He had his first vet visit on Monday and did a great job. He let them do whatever was needed without a fuss. The vet said he was perfect! We already knew that, but it was great to hear anyway. We are crating him at night and the first night he cried for about 40 minutes and then fell asleep until 4:00 am. He went out and did his business and came back in and slept in his crate until 6:00 am. Not bad! The next night he cried for a few less minutes and kept about the same time schedule. On the third night he cried a few minutes and slept until Mick woke him up at 6:15 am. He is taking to his crate very nicely. We are progressing with potty training and he has had only a few minor slip ups…he is so smart. I am sure he will be trained in no time. Thank you again for this puppy and we appreciate that he was cared for so lovingly.” Patric lives in Portland, Oregon.

“Rudy is such a great guy. He learned to sit in one afternoon, and I swear, the next day as soon as I walked in the kitchen, he stared intently at me, sat, and then stared at my hand for a treat. He is very quick, and seems to pick up on the rhythm of things. He is quite a celebrity. I’ve had people stop their car, roll down the window, and ask what kind of dog he is.” Rudy lives in Portland, Oregon.
“I thought I would take a moment to let you know how “Harley” is doing. We absolutely LOVE him. He is sweet, smart, and hilarious. He has been the perfect addition to our family. We cannot thank you enough.” Harley lives in Bend, Oregon.

“Georgia is doing wonderfully. What a charmer she is. All my friends who meet her appreciate her friendly playful nature. We are really enjoying her and she seems very happy. She is getting us all outside more which I am grateful for. It is great fun to have her with us and the 3 cats have adjusted well.” Georgia lives in Eugene, Oregon.

“Cameron does fall asleep around 8:30 by the couch and then we crate him at 11pm. Depending on the night he’ll wake up around 1:30/2:00 to pee/poop or sleep through until 5:30/6:00. He’s such a good, smart boy. He knows sit, down and paw already! He’s 11weeks today and weighs 12 lbs – growing so fast. He’s almost 100% housetrained too!” Cameron lives in Chicago, Illinois.

“Bella is awesome we already are in love with her. The kids think she is the coolest puppy ever.” Bella lives in Eugene, Oregon.

“Terrie, such LUCK! I pull up for puppy training class and see the cutest puppy who looks a lot like Jack. It’s his half brother, a puppy from your recent litter which you sold to two teachers! They named the pup Rubin. He looks very similar to the pup I asked you to send the picture of from your website. It was so fun to chat with them. We’ll be seeing them for 5 more weeks! They love him, and he has a GREAT disposition. No surprise there! Your reputation for great dogs is spreading. Stay tuned, maybe we can actually send you a picture of the two of them together.” These puppies both live near Seattle, Washington.

“I feel like I am overdue on an update on Jack and some photos. Jack has settled in beautifully with our family. I cannot imagine a more loving puppy. He is happy to snuggle up with anyone at anytime yet fun to run around with and play outside. Louisa says that, because of these two facets of his personality, he is the “perfect puppy”. My trip home was uneventful, other than a delayed departure from Eugene. Jack slept in his travel crate for most of the wait and the plane ride home, and never made a peep once we got to the airport.” Jack lives near Seattle, Washington.

“Wow…this little guy is SMART! Only 14 weeks and he can sit, shake (with both hands), high five, lie down, roll over, heel, and stay!! I can’t believe how eager he is to learn and please! He is the love of the neighborhood! In fact, you should be hearing from a neighbor of mine who fell in love with Hank and is set on getting her own Labradoodle! He LOVES kids, and can’t resist meeting new people (and licking them to death)! He is very good with other dogs, walks up slowly, and usually rolls over on his back (being kind and submissive). He is so funny to watch play, follows right along when we go on walks, and, at night, lays his head on my lap and snuggles up! I love him! Thanks so much for giving me such a great joy in my life!” Hank lives in Bend, Oregon.

“Little Mazi continues to thrive. Our vet was impressed with the documentation you provided, and Mazi is potty training with success. She is very much a people person and is affectionate with everyone she meets. She is respectfully interested in our 16 year old cat, and to our amazement, our cat actually laid down by her for a while yesterday. I can’t tell you how heartwarming it was to see your home and your animals. The amount of compassion and care you provide is truly amazing. We would purchase another dog from you or recommend you to anyone. I’ll continue to look at your website even though we have our hands full. I just can’t help it.” Little Mazi lives in California.

“Copper is the latest news around here. He is the entertainer of the family. He’s been with us a couple weeks. He is so easy to train! He can sit, shake, lay down, and now we’re working on stay. It’s been 13 years since we had a puppy in the house … so we’re busy. He is always into something. It seems like he grows every day. The crate and potty training has been really easy. I know that this is in large part that we are home with him all the time. The crying when we leave doesn’t even happen anymore. He is usually tired by the time we leave for errands and ready to nap! “Copper lives in California.

“Penner will be 10 months old in February. We couldn’t adore him more. He’s such a good and smart boy (learns anything in 2 days) and he’s very handsome! He’s also every bit as lovey and snuggly as you experienced when he was a puppy. He’s going to be a great Animal Assisted Therapy dog.” Penner lives in Portland, Oregon.

“Cooper loves playing in the backyard. He romps across the lawn like a little bunny. Potty training is going well. Whenever we take him out, he almost immediately ‘gets busy.’” Cooper lives in California

“Well, we made it through the first night without too much fuss. She yelped a bit when she woke up in her crate and found out we weren’t there anymore, but she’s taken to the crate like she’s always been in it. I think the heartbeat toy really helps. We put her in the crate with the toy, leaving the door open when she slept all last evening. Then when we went to bed, we just closed the door. How easy is that?!” Mojo lives in Roseburg, Oregon.

“Thank you so much for our beautiful puppy!! We just LOVE him!! We named him Kona and he is doing great. He is very smart and so sweet. He’s doing really well on his potty training, sleeps through the night (yeah!! :o), and comes when he’s called. He loves to explore the backyard, picking up everything he can find, and following Radar, our other dog.” Kona lives in Bend, Oregon.

“Our new pup Lola … well … we absolutely LOVE her! We are all totally enthralled! She’s absolutely wonderful. She’s catching onto potty training very quickly, and is just a delight to have. She even went 6 1/2 hours in her crate last night :)” Lola lives in Bend, Oregon.
“Gus is absolutely amazing! He lets us know when he needs to go out (he has only missed a few times), he will go “potty” on command, he will lie down and settle down on command. He is learning to sit and come … he is an absolute LOVE!! When he isn’t in his area, he stays by our feet. He has not been very interested in the cats, which has made them really comfortable. I’m telling you … This is amazing!! We couldn’t be happier.

The kids say, ‘Mom, we got the best one!’ I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for raising such a great puppy. I’m sure we will have our share of chewing, but until then he can do no wrong. He even sleeps from 10pm-6am!!!?” Gus lives in Portland, Oregon.

“I have to say t… Dewey is one of the smartest puppies I’ve ever had. He learns things very quickly. He sits, comes, lays down, and rings the bell to go outside.” Dewey lives in California.

“Tuscany seemed to be asking to go out when she needed to by crying, jumping in the general direction of where we keep her leash, or making a show of herself by running around the room. Saturday, I put a bell on the door. A couple of times, I gave her a treat when she nosed the bell and then immediately took her outside. By the end of the day, she had learned to ring the bell to ask to be taken outside. Proof positive: she is the world’s best puppy.” Tuscany lives in Portland, Oregon.

“Gizmo’s first night went very well. He woke up about 3:00am with just a bit of whining, then went back to sleep. He was up at 6am and whined a bit more so I got up and fed him. We just love him and he’s such a great dog … so sweet and cute and energetic. Thank you for everything. Just by the way he acts with us shows how well you raised him, took care of him, and above all, we can ‘see’ all the love, attention, and play he received. If I know anyone wanting a Labradoodle, I will definitely recommend you.” Gizmo lives in Florida.

“We took Coco to the beach in Carmel, which is one of the few beaches around that allows dog to be off leash. She had a great time … and so did well! After a day at the beach, we went to one of the many restaurants in Carmel that welcome dogs. They actually have a dog menu and a water bowl for each dog! We were trying to keep expenses down so she didn’t get to order off the menu! She had to make due with dog food that we brought for her. She’s now 35lbs. and about 18.5” at the shoulder. I think you can see a bit of dark chocolate coloring in her coat and on her muzzle. Our only regret is that we wish we could have gotten her many years ago!” Coco lives in California

“It’s hard to believe that Rena is 2 years old already. It seems like just weeks ago that she looked like those pictures. I don’t and haven’t dreaded one moment, one day, or one adventure that we’ve experienced together. I can’t tell you enough what a great dog and friend she is. What I enjoy the most is coming home from work to a wagging tail and lots of loving licks because she’s just so very happy to see me. Though I don’t share with the licking part, I too find myself very happy to see her! What a wonderful dog and so very smart, wanting to please, and playful personality. I love that she follows me everywhere – she’s my buddy and I love my dog!” Rena lives in Oregon.

“Blue is great! He is the best dog ever!! Everyone who meets him falls in love. He is so friendly. He is almost all black with some dark brown spots and some white hairs on his back. His coat is soft and curly and straight under his belly. He is so cute!” Blue lives in New York.
“Metro is doing great – he’s such a big dog now! He’s also turning into a great running companion. He loves to run with Wade and me and even has a ‘girlfriend’ named Sisi that he also loves to run with. The four of us run together once a week. We just love each other and have a ball.

We just love him – I don’t know what we did before we had a puppy around the house. You just can’t help yourself from laughing when he’s around – his personality is so funny! He finally learned to bark and we think it scared him more than it did us the first time. He hardly ever barks though – only when he sees something outside and he thinks he’s protecting us (which is comical in itself because he’s a such a mild-mannered, big scaredy-cat of a dog).” Metro lives in Bend, Oregon.

“Tuscany is a great, great dog. I’ve started obedience classes with her and she amazes me … she picks things up so quickly. She is already following the ‘sit’ command for just about anyone who asks her to do it and without a treat following (other than praise.)” Tuscany lives in Portland, Oregon.