Retired Labradoodles

The foundation of our Labradoodle breeding program began with AKC Labrador and Poodle lines that had been genetically tested for years. We have had the pleasure of owning many fantastic dogs who have contributed to the success of the Labradoodle Puppies we are providing families with today. Below are a few chosen dogs that were pivotal in the foundation our business.

Meet Our Labradors:

Cassie’s Aspen Rose


Aspen is retired and enjoying her guardian family in Bend, Oregon. We purchased Aspen in March of 2000 to start our breeding program. She has a very outgoing and friendly temperament and loves to fetch. Her excellent hip scores started us off on a good note with all of her offspring. The sire of her Labradoodle litters also has fantastic hip scores and a sweet, mellow temperament. The combination of these two dogs produced 4 litters of wonderful F1 Labradoodles for us.


Dakota’s Bailey Brown

Bailey lives just outside of Eugene, Oregon and was born March 6, 2002. She is a mellow Labrador with an intense desire to please. Bailey was at the top of her class in obedience, and is a medium-size with great confirmation. Her sire was a confirmation and junior field trial champion. She loves to swim, fetch, and hang out in the house or on the trail. Her hips have been certified with OFA as good. Other health clearances include CERF and cardiac. Bailey is retired after having 4 litters of beautiful Labradoodle puppies. She’s enjoying a life of retirement with my sister and brother-in-law now.

Meet Our Poodles:


Sunshine Star Trusty

Trusty was owned by Spring Creek Labradoodles at the time we hired him to sire multiple litters of F1 Labradoodles and Goldendoodles for us. The combination of his sweet, mellow temperament and excellent hips scores started our foundation lines off very well. He is a small standard, apricot poodle.


Royal’s Quest for Romance

Royal lives in California now and was born December 8, 2005. He is a fun-loving, happy fellow whose antics kept us laughing, as he bounces through life. He sired our red and apricot Labradoodle and Goldendoodle lines. His PennHip rating is good (.38 and .44). Other clearances include vWD, CERF, PRA and cardiac. Royal is now owned by Faithful Doodles.

Meet Our Labradoodles:


Aspen’s Amazing Star (First Cross Labradoodle – Aspen x Trusty)

Mazi lives with us in Sisters, Oregon and was born July 21, 2004. She is a first cross Labradoodle with a shaggy, low-shedding coat. Mazi is very smart and quickly became the “queen” of the household. She is also my personal pet and hiking buddy and is now living the life of retirement, having raised several litters of wonderful puppies for us. Her PennHip rating is excellent (.26 and .16). Other health clearances include CERF, vWD, PRA and cardiac.


Aspen’s Sunshine Abby (First Cross Labradoodle – Aspen x Trusty)

Abby lives in Bend, Oregon and was also born July 21, 2004 in the same litter with Mazi. She loves people and stays right with you, wherever we are. Her coat is very low-shedding and soft. Abby is now retired from raising puppies after 3 gorgeous litters. Her PennHip rating is excellent (.25 and .25). Other health clearances include vWD, CERF, PRA and cardiac.


Aspen’s Tuscany Rose (First Cross Labradoodle – Aspen x Trusty)

Tuscany lives in Portland, Oregon and is a full sister to Abby and Mazi, although she was in a different litter. Like her sisters, she is very dedicated to her family and loves human companionship. Her retirement came after bringing 2 wonderful litters of puppies to us. Her PennHip rating is good and other health clearances include vWD, CERF, PRA and cardiac.


Mountain View’s Kiska (First Cross Labradoodle – Bailey x Trusty)

Kiska lives in Sisters, Oregon and was born July 29, 2004. She is a wonderful, sweet, calm dog who goes with the flow and loves the attention of her family and other dogs. Kiska has fantastic hips in the 90 percentile at .35 and .35. Other health clearances include vWD, CERF, PRA and cardiac.


Mountain View’s Kiana (F1b Labradoodle – Kiska x Mars)

Kiana lives in Bend, Oregon and was born May 20, 2006 to Kiska and Mars. She is an F1b Labradoodle who is fun and playful, yet loves to snuggle in for hugs. Kiana loves to instigate games with the other dogs. Her hips are good with PennHip .44 and .39. Other health clearances include OFA elbows, vWD, CERF, PRA and cardiac.



Mountain View’s Faith (F1b Labradoodle – Tuscany x Royal)

Faith lives in Seattle, Washington and was born January 27,2007. She is an F1B Labradoodle from a litter with Tuscany and Royal. Faith stood out in her litter from day one, as she was the darkest, red puppy in the litter. She is sweet and loves to cuddle. Faith is retired after one litter of puppies, as she had such a hard pregnancy. Her PennHip rating is excellent at .29 and .29. Other health clearances include vWD, PRA, CERF and cardiac.


Mountain View’s Noble Destiny – Labradoodle

Destiny lives in Portland, Oregon and was born April 3, 2006. She is a multi-gen Labradoodle from a litter with Abby and Spring Creek’s Noble Phoenix. Destiny is very sweet and smart. She learned the word “sit” in about 5 minutes! Destiny has a soft, curly coat that is non-shedding. She brought medium sized multi-gen Labradoodle puppies to our program. Her PennHip rating is .41 and .41 in the 80th percentile. Other health clearances include vWD, CERF, PRA and cardiac.


Mountain View’s Noble Promise – Labradoodle

Promise was born August 26, 2007. She is a beautiful Australian Multi-gen Labradoodle from Abby’s last litter with Noble. Promise has a soft, wavy, fleece coat and a very calm temperament. She really goes with the flow and enjoys life. She had her last litter of puppies in the Winter of 2011.

Cameo was her offspring to carry on the line.


Mountain View’s Snickerdoodle – Labradoodle

Snickers lives with her guardian family in Eugene, Oregon. She is a Multi-generation Labradoodle who was born May 25, 2009 to Kiana and Zeke.

Her temperament is great and she has a soft, curly, fleece coat and a nice square body. She is full of love and I don’t think there is a person or dog she has met that wasn’t her friend.

Snicker’s hips tested “good” with OFA and we kept back one puppy from her litters – Joy.


Noble Vestal’s Masterpiece – Labradoodle

We purchased Master, an Australian Multi-generation Labradoodle, from Noble Vestal Labradoodles in Indiana. He was born January 23, 2009 and he arrived to our breeding program when he was 6 months old. Master walked into our home like he’d always lived here and immediately won the hearts of everyone who meets him. His temperament is exactly what a Labradoodle should be – fun, playful, mellow, loyal and smart.

Master has retired as we kept a puppy back from one of his litters to use as a future stud.


Mountain View’s Zeke – Labradoodle

Zeke was born April 3, 2007 and lives with his guardian family in Sisters, Oregon. He came to us from Aldercreek Labradoodles and is an American Labradoodle in a nice caramel/cream color and carries the chocolate gene. His eyes are green which gives him a distinguished and somewhat exotic appeal. He is extremely pleasant with a big heart to please. His PennHip rating is .42 and .47. OFA Good, Elbows normal. Other health clearances include vWD and PRA.

Zeke is living the life of retirement now after producing some very nice puppies for our program.

Mountain View’s Joy – Labradoodle


Joy came from a breeding with Legend and Snickers. One of her offspring is Reese.

Mountain View’s Jewel – Labradoodle


Jewel came from a breeding with Zeke and Ruby. We kept back Betty from a breeding between Jewel and Cappucino.


Mountain View’s Rose – Labradoodle

Rose came from the breeding of Legend to Tuscany’s Faith. She was one of our foundation Labradodles in developing our red line. Some of her her offspring are Molly, Zoe and Maple.

Mountain View’s Jasmine – Labradoodle


Jasmine was born September 15, 2012 to Ruby and Boaz. She is a fabulous dog who lives in the same guardian home with Maple in Bend, Oregon. Her coat is a gorgeous fleece and she has a wonderful sweet temperament. Jasmine will start her breeding career in 2015 as her hips tested OFA “good” with normal elbows, patellas, cardiac and eyes. Jasmine retired after 2 litters of puppies. One of her offspring is Autumn that carried on her line. She came from a breeding with Boaz and Ruby.


Mountain View’s Molly – Labradoodle

Molly came from a breeding between Zeke and Rose. One of her offspring is Jade.

Mountain View’s Cameo – Labradoodle


Cameo is a puppy we kept back from Promise and Legend’s litter. She is an Australian Multi-generation Labradoodle who was born April 4, 2010. Cami lives with some good friends/guardians in Bend, Oregon and has great confirmation, boning and temperament. Her coat is a silky, non-shedding fleece in a cream/apricot color. She had several great litters for us. Some of her offspring are Angel, Faith and Treasure.


Sunset Hills Casino Royale “Beau” – Labradoodle

Beau is a boy who has a beautiful chocolate fleece coat that we are leasing from Alpen Ridge Labradoodles who imported him from Australia. Beau is a medium sized dog who will bring chocolate and parti colors to our breeding program. He is a stocky, sweet boy who knows no strangers. His hips are OFA “good”, normal elbows, CERF, cardiac, patellas and PRA clear. Beau is retired now but his line continues in our business.

Mountain View’s Boaz “Bo” – Labradoodle


Boaz (Bo) is a puppy we kept back from one of Master’s litters and he lives with his guardian family in Sisters, Oregon. He was born June 12, 2011. Bo has an absolutely luscious coat of silky soft fleece. Once you start petting him, you will want to keep your fingers in his coat. He has a wonderful sweet temperament and fabulous confirmation. Bo just completed his hip testing with OFA “good” hips, normal elbows, normal CERF, normal cardiac and patellas. He is PRA clear by parentage. Bo is currently 18 inches at the shoulder and 40 pounds – a perfect medium size. We are very excited to use Bo this breeding season with several of our girls. Bo is retired now. Zoe and Jasmine were some of his offspring.